Quick Pin Lock

The Quick Pin Lock is used to secure ringless or gang style meter sockets. The device uses a machined pin which inserts into the chamber of a brass padlock. The pin and lock secure a hardened steel bracket that holds the cover of the meter socket in place. The Quick Pin Lock uses the same mounting bracket and screw as the Quik Lock IITM. Bottom and side mount units available.

  • Models:
  • 8820000 (Side Mount, 3/8" Pin, No Padlock)
  • 8820001 (Side Mount, 3/8" Pin, With Padlock)
  • 8821000 (Bottom Mount, 3/8" Pin, No Padlock)
  • 8821001 (Bottom Mount, 3/8" Pin, With Padlock)
  • 8822000 (Universal Mount, 3/8" Pin, No Padlock)
  • 8822001 (Universal Mount, 3/8" Pin, With Padlock)