S-1000 Series

A high security barrel lock and key system that offers progressive levels of security. Its unique product design permits a one-key system. This means the S-1000 key will open the S-1000 lock, plus all competitive standard design barrel locks. The S-1000 system design offers superior tamper deterrence.

  • Models:
  • Barrel Locks
  • 8554700 (stainless steel w/o cap)
  • 8554710 (stainless steel w/ hardened steel cap)
  • 8554720 (stainless steel w/ stainless steel cap)
  • 8554701 (stainless steel w/ seal hole)
  • 8559700 (hardened steel w/o cap)
  • Barrel Lock Keys
  • 8619000 (S-1000 series key)
  • 8619100 (S-1000 series key – serial # on handle)
  • 8619500 (S-1000 repairable key)
  • 1528715 (replacement cartridge)
  • Barrel Lock Tools
  • 1502920 (barrel lock cleaning tool w/ key ring)