LPs with Potential

Low profile adapter contains only line-side connections in order to provide potential to metering electronics AMI, TOU, IDR on a disconnected meter stored in the meter socket. Can be molded of red or green polycarbonate for high visibility of disconnected meter.

LP Models:
GrayGreenStraight thru Jaw/
Blade Positions
Meter Forms
LP-5J-SP4362 LP-5J-SP4363 LP-5J-SP4691 1,3,5,7,9 2,12,14,15,16,17,25S
LP-2J-SP4364 LP-2J-SP4365 LP-2J-SP4679 1,3 2S
LP-3J-SP4366 LP-3J-SP4367 Call factory 1,3,5 2,12,25S
LP-4J-SP4368 LP-4J-SP4369 Call factory 1,3,5,5A 2,12,25S
LP-4J-SP4370 LP-4J-SP4371 Call factory 7,8,9,10 13S
LP-4J-SP4372 LP-4J-SP4373 Call factory 1,3,7,9 14,15,16,17S