Roto Seal®

Is a two-piece acrylic seal with a transparent body and colored insert. It is an ideal seal for securing applications with small diameter holes. It utilizes a unique sealing press with the same, simple squeeze action used to affix traditional lead and wire seals. Color coded insert and heat stamped numbering promotes control and tracking.

  • Models:
  • 70000XX-XX (w/o wire)
  • 70508XX-27 (w/ galvanized 8” (203 mm))
  • 70510XX-27 (w/ galvanized 10” (254 mm))
  • 70512XX-27 (w/ galvanized 12” (305 mm))
  • 70608XX-27 (w/ Monel 8” (203 mm))
  • 70610XX-27 (w/ Monel 10” (254 mm))
  • 70612XX-27 (w/ Monel 12” (305 mm))
  • 7021100XX-XX (Roto Press w/ blank die)
Note: XX denotes insert and body color, 27 denotes clear body