Laser Etched Bar-Coded Enduro®

Barcoding is laser etched on the body of the seal, providing advanced tracking capabilities. Coupled with all of the features of the original Enduro® Seal, Brooks offers three barcode compositions to accommodate a variety of applications; Code 128, Code 3 of 9 and Interleave 2 of 5. Also available in round body. Please contact Brooks for a Barcode Request Form to ensure we have the correct information to produce your barcode.


  • Models:
  • 60618XX-27 (square body w/.047” SecurHasp®, galvanized wire)
  • 60658XX-27 (square body w/.052” SecurHasp®, galvanized wire)
  • 60818XX-27 (square body w/.047” SecurHasp®, stainless steel wire)
  • 60858XX-27 (square body w/.052” SecurHasp®, stainless steel wire)
  • Hasp Options:
  • Blunt Cut Hasp
  • Angle Cut Hasp
  • Scored Hasp for tooless removal
Note: XX denotes insert color selection, 27 denotes clear body