SecurHasp II®

This seal has a polypropylene UV inhibitor body and features a tamper indicating channel and a special hasp configuration that deters access by picking tools. Available in a variety of colors, it is heat stamped for easy reading with alphanumeric characters and seven consecutive numbers for identification and control.

  • Models:
  • 6250000-X (.047” galvanized SecurHasp®, round bottom)
  • 6250030-X (.047” galvanized regular hasp, round bottom)
  • 6259000-X (.047” stainless steel Secur- Hasp®, round bottom)
  • 6259008-X (.047” stainless steel regular hasp, angle cut, round bottom)
  • 6250600-X (.047” galvanized SecurHasp®, square bottom)
  • 6250630-X (.047” galvanized regular hasp, square bottom)
  • 6259600-X (.047” stainless steel Secur- Hasp®, square bottom)
  • 6259608-X (.047” stainless steel regular hasp, angle cut, square bottom)
  • Hasp Options:
  • Blunt Cut Hasp
  • Angle Cut Hasp
  • Scored Hasp for tooless removal
Note: X denotes color selection