Enduro® Seal

Constructed of durable acrylic plastic and is designed to provide long service life in harsh environments. Available with a solid body and contrasting color insert or with a transparent body and solid color insert. Seals are heat stamped with company identification and sequential numbering. Should tampering attempts take place, inclined ramps on the insert force the wire legs to break out of the body providing visible evidence.

  • Models:
  • 60600XX-X (.047” galvanized regular hasp)
  • 60610XX-X (.047” galvanized secure hasp)
  • 60550XX-X (.052” galvanized secure hasp)
  • 60800XX-X (.047” stainless steel regular hasp)
  • 60810XX-X (.047” stainless steel secure hasp)
  • 60850XX-X (.052” stainless steel secure hasp)
  • Hasp Options:
  • Blunt Cut Hasp
  • Angle Cut Hasp
  • Scored Hasp for tooless removal
Note: XX-X denotes insert and body colors