Temporary Power Restoration

The 240 Volt Receptacle outlets provide an unmetered outlet at the meter socket. Ideal for use by utilities who have a need to power a test board while accuracy testing their billing meter.

The 700 Series temporary service adapters provide a quick method of installing emergency service to individual customers, either from a transformer or a neighbor’s service box.

  • Models:
  • 722A
  • 722B
  • 722A-R-SP165
  • 722B-R-SP165
  • 722A-L-SP170
  • 722B-L-SP170
  • 732A
  • 732B

The patented, dead-leg adapter allows the safe resumption of temporary service when one leg of a 120/240 volt service is dead due to events such as storm damage or faulted underground service cable.

  • Models:
  • 37-2J-4B-SP3561

These patented jumper covers provide a safe, simple method to bypass a customer’s meter socket. Available in single phase or polyphase.

  • Models:
  • EJC-4B
  • EJC-6B
  • EJC-3BL
  • EJC-3BR

The Recreational Vehicle Meter Powered Device (RVMP) allows access to a Recreational Vehicle Receptacle and also dual 120 Volt round fault protected receptacles at a meter socket. When installed, the RVMP leaves the load side of the meter socket de-energized. All outlets are circuit breaker protected and metered by a standard form 2S meter. Ideal for use with emergency housing in the event of a disaster. This unit allows contractors access to metered power as well for reconstruction purposes.

  • Models:
  • TMP-4753 (30 amp)
  • TMP-4756 (50 amp)

Designed to help utilities provide temporary electric service to building contractors at new construction sites. Replaces more costly, cumbersome ways to provide temporary service. Isolates power from house panel, allowing the device to be used at flood or fire damaged homes.

  • Models:
  • TMP-2600 (with one 20 amp, 120 volt duplex GFCI receptacle and one 20 amp, 240 volt single receptacle)
  • TMP-2649 (with two 20 amp, 120 volt GFCI duplex receptacles)
  • TMP-2750 (with one 20 amp, 120 volt duplex GFCI receptacle and one 20 amp, 240 volt receptacle)
  • TMP-2751 (with two 20 amp, 120 volt GFCI duplex receptacles)