Sealing / Locking Rings

The Click Ring features a built-in barrel lock for keyless installation. The high security ring is ideal for AMI deployment or contractor installation, as it can be installed without a key. Ring design promotes utility security and key control.

  • Models:
  • 8730019 F
  • 8730046 G-1
  • 8730040 G-2
  • 8730055 G-3
  • 8730072 I-3
  • 8730073 I-4
  • 8720013 F
  • 8720017 G-1
  • 8720018 G-2
  • 8720056 G-3
  • 8720072 I-3
  • 8720073 I-4

No tools are needed to install Brooks patented stainless steel Handi-Ring®, engineered for strength, long life and easy installation. Designed with the meter person in mind, this screw type sealing ring is equipped with exclusive easy-grip tabs and a finger-grip screw that allows hand-tightening in most installations.

  • Models:
  • 10-9090
  • 10-9090 with Padlock Clip (8042040)

This ring is an economical stainless steel meter ring which locks with a machined bolt and a sequentially numbered and stamped locking case. A Brooks plastic padlock seal can be used to heighten its tamper deterrence and increase security. A special removal tool is required.

  • Models:
  • 8481000 (stainless steel Omni-Ring)
  • 9254242L (Omni-Ring removal tool)

This ring is a one-piece, front-entry, locking ring with steel or plastic seal adapter. Available in stainless or hardened steel, it can be used on most individual residential sockets and multiple apartment meter panels. A barrel lock is required to secure this device.

  • Models:
  • 8470100 (stainless steel with zinc seal adapter)
  • 8470300 (stainless steel with portable plastic seal adapter)
  • 8470400 (stainless steel with permanent plastic seal adapter)
  • 8450700 (hardened steel with hardened steel seal adapter)
  • 8450300 (hardened steel with portable, plastic seal adapter)
  • 8450400 (hardened steel with permanent steel seal adapter)

Simple, low-cost stainless steel slip lock meter sealing ring. Properly marked with forward orientation.

  • Models:
  • 10-9001

Newly developed, innovative, secure stainless steel barrel lock sealing ring. Since metering locations will not be visited as often with AMI, some utilities are electing to put more secure sealing rings on these installations but cost of current barrel lock rings can be prohibitive. The Trigger Ring’s unique adjustable lock protector housing allows the ring to be easily cinched up tight – yet sells for less than other barrel lock rings. Note: The Model 10-9095 ring can be ordered with or without a barrel lock. Please add the following suffix, depending on desired barrel lock.