Sealing / Locking Rings

The Click Ring features a built-in barrel lock for keyless installation. The high security ring is ideal for AMI deployment or contractor installation, as it can be installed without a key. Ring design promotes utility security and key control.

  • Models:
  • 8730019 (Stainless Steel, F Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8730046 (Stainless Steel, G-1 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8730040 (Stainless Steel, G-2 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8730055 (Stainless Steel, G-3 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8730072 (Stainless Steel, I-3 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8730073 (Stainless Steel, I-4 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8720013 (Hardened Steal, F Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8720017 (Hardened Steal, G-1 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8720018 (Hardened Steal, G-2 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8720056 (Hardened Steal, G-3 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8720072 (Hardened Steal, I-3 Series Barrel Lock)
  • 8720073 (Hardened Steal, I-4 Series Barrel Lock)

No tools are needed to install Brooks patented stainless steel Handi-Ring®, engineered for strength, long life and easy installation. Designed with the meter person in mind, this screw type sealing ring is equipped with exclusive easy-grip tabs and a finger-grip screw that allows hand-tightening in most installations.

  • Models:
  • 10-9090 
  • 8042020 Handi-Ring with Padlock Clip

Brooks' Q-Ring features a captive screw design enabling quick and easy installation. A solid, one-piece stainless steel body and zinc die-cast thumb screw provide superior security and durability. Drip hole at the side of the ring allows water to drain if needed. Three sealing points for multiple sealing possibilities.

  • Models:
  • 10-9104

This ring is a one-piece, front-entry, locking ring with steel or plastic seal adapter. Available in stainless or hardened steel, it can be used on most individual residential sockets and multiple apartment meter panels. A barrel lock is required to secure this device.

  • Models:
  • 8470100 (Stainless Steel with Zinc Seal Adapter)
  • 8470300 (Stainless Steel with Portable Plastic Seal Adapter)
  • 8470400 (Stainless Steel with Permanent Plastic Seal Adapter)
  • 8450700 (Hardened Steel with Hardened Steel Seal Adapter)
  • 8450300 (Hardened Steel with Portable Plastic Seal Adapter)
  • 8450400 (Hardened Steel with Permanent Steel Seal Adapter)

Simple, low-cost stainless steel slip lock meter sealing ring. Properly marked with forward orientation.

  • Models:
  • 10-9001