Power Source Interbase Adapters

Extender adapter with fused leads from either line or load side routed through the 6 o’clock position through either a straight down or a 90 degree non metallic liquid tight conduit fitting. These power leads are terminated with an IEC style connector for use with the Cyber Power Battery Backup, or with unterminated wires to land on a terminal strip. They are run through liquid tight conduit to a battery backup power supply for an optical network terminal (ONT). Adapters can be provided with varying lengths of liquid tight conduit.

Using our well known SSD adapter, the unit supplies fused 240 VAC for FTTH applications that do not have a traditional S base meter socket available.

  • Models:
  • SSD-3W-SP4922

The most comprehensive option in the Brooks FTTH portfolio is the Field Installation Kit. The kit offers utility personnel a turn-key package for installation of the battery backup power supply, battery, adapter, and wiring in one convenient package. The Brooks EK-4J-SP4995-C-S2 adapter (included in the kit) provides an integrated power supply for converting the utility line voltage to 12V. The lower voltage is used to charge and recharge the battery backup device required for most FTTH installations. Kit includes: EK-4J-SP4995-C-S2 Adapter, Brooks 10- 9090 Handi-Ring, CyberPower 12V Battery Backup Unit, 7.2aH Rechargeable Battery and 10’ of Cable.

  • Models:
  • 1000-SP5027-C-52