Locking Hardware

A case hardened and plated steel device mounted on the cover of a ringless meter box to protect the barrel lock from attack. Used with an angle bracket mounted inside the box. Two holes must be drilled to install these devices. Mounting templates are available to help position drill holes.

  • Models:
  • 8650500 (Barrel Lock Guard w/ seal adapter)
  • 8651500 (waterproof Barrel Lock Guard w/ seal adapter)
  • 9100000 (flangeless bracket to Barrel Lock Guard)
  • 8781000 (guard and bracket)
  • 8690000 (flangless bracket)

The clamshell style barrel lock puller grips tightly around the head of a barrel lock to remove troubled locks. Using a 5/16” allen wrench, tighten the end of the puller around the head of the lock. Then use a 5/8” wrench to turn the nut on the rear of the puller which pulls the lock out of device in which it was installed.

  • Models:
  • 8990000

Is a case hardened steel device that completely encloses the connection nut and is secured with a barrel lock. Cadmium plated for corrosion resistance. Available in four sizes: 1A, 5LT, 10LT, and 20LT. Can be used for gas or water applications.

  • Models:
  • 8320020 connection nut lock w/ barrel lock F and end cap
  • 8320025 connection nut lock w/ 1A LT insert w/ barrel lock F 8509900
  • 8329005 – 1/2” 5LT assembly w/o barrel lock
  • 8329010 – 10LT assembly w/o barrel lock
  • 8320010 connection nut lock w/ 5/8” insert w/ barrel lock F
  • 8329020 – 3/4” 20LT assembly w/o barrel lock
  • 8329025 – 1” 1A assembly w/o barrel lock

This molded plastic seal should be the first line of defense to discourage tampering of connection nuts. Made of poly plastic, its mated halves install around the connection nut without tools. Access to the nut can only be gained by breaking the seal, providing an obvious sign of tampering. For gas (water) applications: 5LT (1/2”), 10LT (5/8”), 20LT (3/4”), 1A (1”) and 30LT (1-1/2”).

  • Models:
  • 83600XX-X (transparent color)
  • 83610XX-X (solid color)
  • 83620XX-X (transparent color heat stamp)
  • 83630XX-X (solid color heat stamp)

The standard design security lock for utility metering locking devices. Available in case hardened or stainless steel and with an optional weather seal. Interchangeable with standard locks from other manufacturers.

  • Models:
  • 8509900 (hardened steel “F” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8509910 (hardened steel “F” barrel lock w/ cap)
  • 8509901 (hardened steel “F” barrel lock w/ hole drilled in head)
  • 8509718 (hardened steel “F” barrel lock w/ cap and weather seal)
  • 8504700 (stainless steel “F” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8504720 (stainless steel “F” barrel lock w/ stainless steel cap)
  • 8509708 (hardened steel “F” barrel lock w/ weather seal)
  • 8504708 (stainless steel “F” barrel lock w/ weather seal)
  • 8610005 (sliding finger style)
  • 8612000 (collet style) 8612500 (repairable collet style)
  • 1525520 (replacement cartridge)
  • 1502919 (barrel lock cleaning tool)
  • 1502920 (barrel lock clearning tool with loop/ ring)

A high security system available in three non-interchangeable combinations: G1, G2 and G3. The G1 and G2 are made from case hardened or stainless steel. G3 locks are stainless steel only. Unique plunger design is virtually pickproof.

  • Models:
  • Barrel Locks:
  • 8524700 (stainless steel “G1” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8524710 (stainless steel “G1” barrel lock w/ hardened steel cap)
  • 8524720 (stainless steel “G1” barrel lock w/ stainless steel cap)
  • 8529700 (hardened steel “G1” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8529710 (hardened steel “G1” barrel lock w/ hardened steel cap)
  • 8534700 (stainless steel “G2” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8534720 (stainless steel “G2” barrel lock w/ stainless steel cap)
  • 8539700 (hardened steel “G2” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8539710 (hardened steel “G2” barrel lock w/ hardened steel cap)
  • 8544700 (stainless steel “G3” barrel lock w/o cap)
  • 8544720 (stainless steel “G3” barrel lock w/ stainless steel cap)
  • Barrel Lock Keys:
  • 8615000 (G1 series key)
  • 8616000 (G2 series key)
  • 8617000 (G3 series key)
  • 8615500 (G1 series repairable key)
  • 8616500 (G2 series repairable key)
  • 8617500 (G3 series repairable key)
  • 1527520 (G1 repairable key cartridge)
  • 1527522 (G2 repairable key cartridge)
  • 1527523 (G3 repairable key cartridge)
  • Barrel Lock Tools:
  • 1502919 (barrel lock cleaning tool)
  • 1502920 (barrel lock cleaning tool w/ key ring)

The I-3 and I-4 barrel locks provide high security protection for ring- and ringless-style meter sockets and gas valves. Offers high security with a unique key; a weather seal for keyway protection against bugs, dirt and debris; and a key that can be repaired in the field. The I-3 and I-4 are comparable to the Jimi/3 Dot and the Mark IV/4 Dot barrel locks.

  • Models:
  • 8613500 (I3 Reparable Key)
  • 8614500 (I4 Reparable Key)
  • Barrel Locks:
  • 8674008 (I3 Stainless steel with weather seal)
  • 8674028 (I3 Stainless steel with weather seal and stainless steel cap)
  • 8684008 (I4 Stainless steel with weather seal)
  • 8684028 (I4 Stainless steel with weather seal and stainless steel cap)
  • 1528715-I3 (I3 replacement cartridge)
  • 1528715-I4 (I4 replacement cartridge)

Brooks Indicative Padlocks are the first to provide all the protection and reusability of classic padlocks, along with the tamper indication/deterrence feature of Brooks’ single-use seals. Unlike traditional padlocks that can be opened and re-closed without any evidence of tampering, Brooks’ Indicative Padlocks feature a 1/8” diameter bored hole that passes through the body and shackle. Applying a uniquely numbered, Brooks’ indicative seal through this cavity prevents the padlock from being opened without first having to remove and destroy the seal.

Makes securing several sizes of gang meter sockets easy with its smooth sliding design. Made from powder coated hardened steel, locks across the front covers of the gang socket. Either a padlock style or barrel lock style is available. Optional center lock bracket is available for added security.

Part NumberDescription
8830000 Small KD Bar quick pin lock adjust from 25” to 37”
8831000 Large KD Bar quick pin lock adjust from 37” to 64”
8840700 Small KD Bar quick lock w/ steel seal adapter adjust from 25” to 37”
8841700 Large KD Bar quick lock w/ steel seal adapter adjust from 37” to 64”
8850000 KD Bar Center Lock Bracket quick pin lock style
8855000 KD Bar Center Bracket barrel lock style

This plug prevents unauthorized use of service during meter or service piping change outs. This cadmium-plated, case hardened-steel plug is secured with a barrel lock. For gas applications: 1⁄2”, 3⁄4”, 1” and 1-1/4” sizes. For water applications: 1” and 1-1/4” sizes. Their use with one of a variety of plastic seals to indicate tampering is recommended.

Part NumberThread Size
Gas Plugs
8431100 1/2"
8432100 3/4"
8433100 1"
8434100 1-1/4"
Water Plugs
8423100 1"
8424100 1-1/4"

Prevents unauthorized access to metering data. Safeguards ports from the environment. Company name/logo may be inserted. This patented device is easy to install and seal with long-term, demand or cable lock seals.

  • Models:
  • 2-1022

Get increased security and easy installation with the improved Quik Lock II™. Features include a stronger bracket and a screw design that offers a firmer anchor on the wall of the meter socket. Like the original Quik Lock, the Quik Lock IITM is easy to install, with no holes to punch in the enclosure and no tools required for installation. It accepts all standard length barrel locks and is available with side, bottom or universal mount brackets.

The Quick Pin Lock is used to secure ringless or gang style meter sockets. The device uses a machined pin which inserts into the chamber of a brass padlock. The pin and lock secure a hardened steel bracket that holds the cover of the meter socket in place. The Quick Pin Lock uses the same mounting bracket and screw as the Quik Lock IITM. Bottom and side mount units available.

A high security barrel lock and key system that offers progressive levels of security. Its unique product design permits a one-key system. This means the S-1000 key will open the S-1000 lock, plus all competitive standard design barrel locks. All internal components of the S-1000 Barrel Locks are stainless steel. The lock bodies are available in stainless steel or cadmium plated hardened steel. The S-1000 system design offers superior tamper deterrence.

  • Models:
  • Barrel Locks
  • 8554700 (stainless steel w/o cap)
  • 8554710 (stainless steel w/ hardened steel cap)
  • 8554720 (stainless steel w/ stainless steel cap)
  • 8554701 (stainless steel w/ seal hole)
  • 8559700 (hardened steel w/o cap)
  • Barrel Lock Keys
  • 8619000 (S-1000 series key)
  • 8619100 (S-1000 series key – serial # on handle)
  • 8619500 (S-1000 repairable key)
  • 1528715 (replacement cartridge)
  • Barrel Lock Tools
  • 1502920 (barrel lock cleaning tool w/ key ring)

The S-shaped adapter with slotted end cap can be locked with any standard barrel lock. This economical locking hardware is designed to secure ringless meter sockets. Made of case hardened steel with yellow chromate plating. The seal adapter is pressed in to protect barrel lock and provide sealing point. The heavy-duty slotted end cap provides added security.

  • Models:
  • 8750000 (T-shaped adapter w/ seal adapter)
  • 8720000 (Heavy duty slotted end cap)
  • 8751000 (Adapter and cap)

The Encapsulates Union Nut Lock is a high security locking device designed to secure gas and water meters. This three component, case- hardened, plated steel assembly encapsulates water union nuts, with the assembly securely locked by a barrel lock.

  • Models:
  • 8400075 (3/4” assembly w/o barrel lock)
  • 8400100 (1” assembly w/o barrel lock)

These protectors are impervious to hacksaws and hammer blows, preventing cast iron brass gas valve cock wings from being sawed or broken off. Made of plated zinc, these gas cock protectors also completely enclose the barrel lock, precluding it from physical attack. They are complete with seal adapter to accommodate a Brooks UPG plastic padlock.

  • Model:
  • 8712500 - Zinc Wing Type Valve protector