Load Management / Surge Protection

Designed to mount directly on the power pole and accepts socket-based capacitor control devices. Cabling from the capacitor control adapter provides remote control of power factor correction capacitors. Models SP4899 and SP3700 are pre-wired with 30 feet of 10/3 SO cord.

  • Models:
  • 81-4J-SP4899 Single Phase Socket and Cable (Four conductor, 10 gauge, 30' long) with two strain reliefs
  • 81-4J-SP3700 Single Phase Socket and Cable (Four conductor, 10 gauge, 30' long) with one strain relief
  • 81-4J-SP3751 Single Phase Socket without Cable

Used as a collection tool, the service limiter provides limited electric service to delinquent customers that would otherwise have their service disconnected – in essence extending their service. With a proper program, increased collections can be achieved while projecting a positive image to the public.

  • Models:
  • SL-4789 – 4 Jaw, 2S meter, SPST breaker limits to 120V
  • SL-4790 – 5 Jaw, 12/25S meter, SPST breaker limits to 120V
  • SL-4791 – 4 Jaw, 2S meter, DPST breaker limits @ 240V
  • SL-4792 – 5 Jaw, 12/25S meter, DPST breaker limits to @ 240V
  • SL-4793 – 4 Jaw, 1S meter, SPST breaker

Note: Place -XX after the part number, where XX is desired breaker size. Available breaker sizes are 10 amp, 15 amp, 20 amp, 25 amp, and 30 amp. Special breaker sizes may be available upon request.

Brooks low profile meter base surge arrester with an integrated safety shield has been specifically designed for installation at the electrical meter socket for “whole house” residential primary protection. SurgeGuard has been engineered to provide a very high level of surge protection in a low profile meter socket adapter for residential or light commercial installations.

  • UL Listed
  • Industry’s lowest profile design
  • Models:
  • MBSA-4J-180  4 Jaw (120/240V)
  • MBSA-5J-180  5 Jaw (120/240V)