A Simple Solution to Post-Hurricane Power Restoration

Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Natural disasters cause damage that can be devastating and confusing not only to homeowners but entire communities as well. People are left with the loss of personal property and uncertainty about what to do next. Emergency teams, and utilities work as fast as they can to provide solutions, but sometimes it is not that simple.

Restoring utility service after a natural disaster requires significant expense, equipment, and field services labor. Even after lines are replaced and power is restored to the meter socket, the wiring in the home may be unsafe, delaying the reconstruction work. This leads to many being displaced from their homes for longer than necessary. Fortunately, the solution can be quick and easy if the utility has the right equipment.

The Brooks Temporary Metered Power Adapter (TMP) provides the utility a fast, simple and economical solution to temporarily restore power to the home. Within minutes of its installation the homeowner has access to safe, reliable power through its integrated GFCI 120/240V receptacles which enable homeowners or contractors to begin reconstruction work.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina more than 4,000 TMPs were used by utilities to expedite the service restoration process. The use of the TMP drastically reduces installation time, material, and complexity when compared to a traditional temporary meter pedestal. When the next disaster hits, utilities need to be prepared with the right equipment, so families aren’t left with uncertainty. Using the TMP in place of a conventional pedestal allows people to return home safely and begin rebuilding.


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